Who we are…

Falmouth Road in Wellesley, MA is where our family memories are rooted. While our family has evolved, and our address has changed, Falmouth Road is where my children think of as home. And so, as we establish new roots here in Illinois, we offer a nod to our past on Falmouth Road.

At Falmouth Road, we collect beautiful, handmade jewelry from designers across the country and around the world, to allow you to build a collection of wearable art at a price that won’t break the bank.

I have made it a priority to identify artists who design and produce their jewelry by hand, mostly in the United States. Each piece of jewelry that comes through my shop was created by a person or team of people committed to their craft. Additionally, I have a couple of collections by certified fair trade organizations who have made a commitment to the people they source from, and who provide long term employment at living wages.